Time to T-H-I-N-K

A friend had a good mantra going for the new year. She used the word Think as an acronym to remind herself to be more mindful when she spoke. She would do a quick assessment, asking herself: Is what I am going to say, Thoughtful, Helpful, Intelligent, Necessary, Kind? It brings a good light to the saying, think before you speak. I have a feeling that my friend’s practice may be one you have heard before, but have you practiced it lately?

I know I am in need of regular reminders to help me be a little more conscientious about what I say or how I say something. Sometimes I get too comfortable with a class and say something that is on the side of very unnecessary, perhaps inappropriate. Sometimes I forget that we are all entitled to our own opinions and just keeping my mouth zipped while others share their opinions is the best practice for being civil.

When I consider how busy life is coupled with how short life is, it makes me want to think wisely about the words I choose to share. Why waste our precious time thinking or saying unhelpful or even harmful words? When we consider speaking from an open mind that is supported by an open heart then our sharing will bring us closer together and cultivate not just better thinking of others and but also better thinking of ourselves.

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