Seeing the Stars

In our neck of the woods lately we’ve had a lot of rain…and not of that little nuisance sprinkling variety. It’s been the kind that can knock you over with its big winds, the kind where the thunder rolls over and right down your spine. We know it’s good for our plants and our county’s water table. We know it is a part of nature but sometimes we forget that even when there are clouds, even when the rain is slamming us sideways, there are still stars up there in that sky of ours, the sun is still burning and the moon is still making its rounds from waxing to waning. Sometimes though, it’s difficult to remember this.

A friend recently said that she thought she would never feel sincerely happy again. After loss of a job, some health troubles, and relationship rumbles, she was losing hope that she would see a better day ahead.The thought saddened me and I didn’t know quite what to say. But I know what I felt. I felt that even though these feelings were worrisome and something to work through, there was also a time for these feelings. I don’t believe in brushing off the sorrow and just saying Perk up, you’ll be fine! No, I believe we need time to feel all those precious emotions—joy, excitement, and sorrow.

But as we do, what I want to always feel…and certainly what I want my friend to feel…is that life is like nature in its evolution. Perhaps right now or perhaps in the future we will feel these troubled times, we will wonder if the rain will ever end. But if we consider that life is like nature then we can take some measure of comfort understanding that the stars will not only come out again, the sun will not only shine upon us again, the moon will not only show its face once more but that all those things are happening right now, behind those rain clouds, within those rain clouds, despite those rain clouds. And, when nature and when we are ready, we will see them again.


  1. Alisha Wielfaert says:

    I’ve been reading your blog off and on for a few weeks now and I really like your perspective on things. This post specifically spoke to me. I actually have your perspective that hard times happen and we should shoo those feelings away. As a yoga teacher myself it’s something that I try to teach my students. I also try to teach them that the joy is really there too. That we actually have everything we need inside already. Lately though; I’ve been feeling a lot like your friend and I appreciate the reminder that the sun and the stars are there even if they are behind clouds. Even those of us that know the truth need a little reminding too. Thank you for your words.

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks Alisha for your comments. Nice to hear your thoughts. Do take care of yourself. Holding you in the light, Ann

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