The Right Sized Gift

This morning I have the opportunity to be with my friends in the park at sunrise and enjoy the day’s new light as we do yoga together. It will be the last morning I am with my friends until I return from my hiking trip. It will be a chance to be together and enjoy the elements of nature. What a gift.

It may sound like a pretty simple gift, but those are the ones in life that make up the most important treasures that I have. The gift of a gracious smile, a wonderful hug, the generosity of kind words.

As I pack my bag for my hiking trip, I will not be carrying very much, my needs are simple but my desires are great. They include the desire to carry with me the gifts of my cherished friends—their laughter, their kindness. I know I can fit those gifts in my bag. I know I will always have room for these gifts from my friends.

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  1. Julie Joyce says:

    We’ll miss you terribly…and will be sending positive vibes your way all summer!

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