Setting things Straight by Leaving Them Askew

The other day I indulged and had my house cleaned—by professionals. It is something many of my friends do but many of my friends have kids, pets, or at least one other person around to help create a mess. So it felt rather indulgent for this single, rather orderly person. They cleaned very well…a completely worthy indulgence. I not only knew they had been there from the shiny surfaces and countertops that I no longer could draw a picture on but because just about every picture on the wall hung askew.

Perhaps these fine folks just wanted to make sure I knew each and every wall hanging had been wiped down or perhaps they just wanted to create a Fun House effect in my home. Regardless of their intent, mine was to set things straight! That seems to be a natural instinct for many of us—or a learned practice over time. We seek order, semblance, control. It may not spill over for you in an orderly house, but it may be apparent in other areas. It may feel necessary to intervene in other situations, other people’s lives because we want the world to appear as we imagine it: orderly and in line.

The thing is life is not always orderly. Actually, it rarely is. We want things a certain way because we think that will make more sense, it will be more true. But does not the truth reside in seeing things as they are? Seeing things even if they are unbalanced and then appreciating them in the light in which they are illuminated?

Yes, there are things in this word that need a touch of re-aligning. I will not argue that. But could we perhaps consider letting go of the absolutes, the symmetry of all things and accept that in this world of ours some things are better left a little off center?

As I climbed into bed, enjoying the cleanliness of a fresh room, I reached to click off the light. My eye caught the framed photo on the far wall, it was titled to the left. I smiled and thought—it looks better that way.


  1. Brandon says:

    Hey…I found ya! Here on the internet.

    I haven’t read everything you have here, but I found this one lovely.

    1. Ann says:

      Awesome! Glad you found it. Thanks…I’ll contact you later today. 🙂

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