Release and Reset

July 1st is the second half of the year. Yes, it means half the year is over, but it also means a full half a year is ahead of us. Perhaps you were like many folks who set New Year’s resolutions and somewhere between the cold, grey winter and the budding of spring those resolutions got a little pushed to the side. It is nice to have a calendar to remind us to set new goals, new challenges. Perhaps you do this at each birthday or when you begin to plan for a big trip or festivities. Whatever the reason, we do not have to give up just because we fell off; we have to get up and go for the reset.

Today is a great day to think of all the possibilities ahead. It may not take you to the end of the year and you may slip off the goal for a day or two. Let there be space for substitutions, sanctions to slide off course. In the end what I hope is that we feel we can all make a fresh start. We can all feel we made a success of whatever we set out to do.

We know our limits, we know our desires. We can live them each day knowing there is always the opportunity to reset.

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