It is Transition Time, Shhh…Quiet

There seems to be no better time than right now to listen to the birds and enjoy the warmer winds that are finally coming our way. Spring has come and with it the buds on the trees, the lilac blooms, the bright yellow bellies of the Golden Finches and the stunning red of Cardinals. There is so much to see and hear…even the scant buzzing of the bee right outside my window. Everything in nature seems to be busy, re-energized and unable to sit still. How come I can just sit? How come I am feeling no rush when there is plenty to do?

Maybe I am realizing how fleeting these transitional moments are in nature. All too soon the medley of colors will meld into a solid lovely green, the warm air will give way to stifling heat, and the longer days which feel so unique will become expected. But for now in this transition of time, I find solidarity with nature by just being quiet.

Perhaps it is meditation, perhaps it is appreciation, perhaps it is even a little procrastination. But never mind, for a minute or two longer I will sit and be quiet, taking in the symphony that is now.

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