Illuminate like the Full Moon

orange moon

For as much as I proclaim myself a sunshine girl—someone constantly seeking the energy of the solar illuminations—I cannot deny how much the moon speaks to me. To be more precise, the full moon. Like the one hanging down the street right now even in the early morning hours. The one that slips through the shuttered slates over my bed and begged for me to come out and play…like a childhood friend tossing a rock to the window, getting my attention, wanting my presence.

When the sun is high in the sky on these beautiful spring days it takes all the discipline I can muster to stay in my seat. I want to go run, hike, dig in the dirt, even pull weeds. But it is the moon that calls me out in a different way. The moon holds mystery, an aura of powerfulness and a cycle that forces me to pause and take note. The sun I am grateful for but often I can enjoy that for days on end. But the full moon is brief and then it starts to wane, it starts to hide itself in the rotation of the earth.

Perhaps you or someone you know is like that—waxing and waning with the evolution of their life. We cannot all burn brightly all the time and it is good to have those times where we draw the shade, pull inward and even reflect. It may be a time to calm the mind, relax the body, and re-equip ourselves for the unveiling, for the time when we are ready to illuminate fully.

That is what I think I find so amazing about the moon. That it is reliable yet not always the same. It is what I like about a good friend. It is what I honor about a good run or a good yoga practice. There is security in knowing it will be right what I need even if it is not right what I expected. As I look up to that moon I may wish it to be full for a few days longer, but I also know it offers exactly what I want. It has my attention. It wants my presence.

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