As we continue to look upon the events of the Boston Marathon with sadness and disbelief we also must look to places for healing. Our heartbreak from loss—of personal tragedy or universal dissolve of safety—cannot paralyze. We heal not all at once. And, honestly, we often do not completely heal. What we do is embrace the idea, honor the pain, and slowly accept the scars.

In a life well lived, we all have a few scars—the demarcations of risks taken and hopefully the remembrance of some reward. Our scars are a part of moving past the raw and unthinkable pain. Our scars can hold reminders of gratitude for those that reached in and helped out when it was needed most. While the scars do not erase the memory, they do physically provide a healing. Little by little that which has been torn open on the inside must heal as well. While we will not forget, we will in time move on with our scars.

Today the pain for so many of my running friends is still too fresh, too stunning to do anything but blink back tears and push away fear and anger. But each day, today included, we offer a bit of ourselves to this universe of ours and in doing so we help to heal our own wounds and that of others.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Khalil Gilbran

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