Grasp Do Not Grab…

I was told in teacher training to instruct students to reach or to pick up—not to grab. Grab left the residue of fiercely taking hold of something, adding a force that is unnecessary even if unintended. This thought has stayed with me, although, I am sure I am guilty of using grab sometimes…as in ‘grab your strap for big toe pose.’ But I greatly appreciate how yoga and my teachers of yoga have helped me be more aware of the words I choose.

It may seem like a simple thing or it may seem like a nit-picky practice to edit your word choice. But word choice is more than the decision of the vocabulary you render for a sentence. Words are the catalyst behind the energy you are sending toward another person and toward the universe. If I choose words based not on the mere need to communicate but to share my thoughts and feelings, then I am not just speaking, I am connecting.

It may not be something that we think about continuously, but it is something we can practice at least occasionally. If I speak to someone with an acuteness to the feelings I want to offer then the greater meaning of my message is received. Instead of grabbing a word without thought I can choose a word to converse in a way that is mindful and intentional—to extend positive energy for others to grasp.

Gingerly the soul grasps the words which have not been grabbed away.

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