Forty six Gratitudes

On my birthday for the last few years, I swam the number of laps as is my birthday and run some combo that represented my birthday number. Today, I will do 46 sun salutations, and each will be marked by the list of 46 gratitudes that I have come up with. It’s not a complete list…but there’s the beauty in having another birthday–I get to add more.

1. My health
2. My contentment
3. My friends…too many to count
4. Believing in love
5. Those with a generous spirit
6. Running, swimming
7. Open minds, encompassing hearts
8. Intelligent insights
9. Teachers in my life
10. Yoga
11. Coffee
12. Tea breaks
13. Trees
14. Animals
15. Cooking for friends
16. Compassion of others
17. Pie
18. Laughter
19. Good eyesight
20. Fat thighs
21. Strong abs
22. My mother’s love
23. Life with Matt
24. My brother
25. Michiko and Misa
26. The children of my friends
27. The sunrise and the full moon
28. Lilacs and Rosemary
29. Learning something
30. Jazz violin
31. A well turned phrase
32. Books
33. The Bryan YMCA
34. Triad Yoga Institute
35. Reminders of humility
36. Farmers Markets
37. Flax seeds, lemon and ginger
38. Tears
39. Oatmeal and peanut butter
40. The front porch
41. Greensboro
42. Traveling
43. Writing
44. Criticism
45. Patience
46. This moment

My heart is full with the gratitude I feel for the people who surround my life.

Many blessings to all.

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