Finding our Cadence

As we all head into a new week—a week that starts marking anniversaries of significant events, we may remark on the way tragedies effect us, how mysteries surround us, how moments can change us. But a new week is also another time to find our feet on more steady ground, to find our arms open a little wider, and our hearts a bit more accepting. That is what it is like when we find the rhythm that carries us forward. Sometimes runners call that finding their cadence, their pace for handling the long miles, the tough race, the bad run days. We find our cadence and we keep running.

Cadence carries over to the rest of our life as well. What is often more difficult to practice is listening to the rhythms of your own body and following that flow of intonations versus the ones set by others or set by society. It is a good reminder that we are all different and on any given day we are different from the person we were just the day before. It does not mean we are better or worse, we just are and we just need to find the cadence that fits for us on that day.

Perhaps this is the week that you pay a little more attention to what your cadence needs to be. It will change, it will slow and it will speed up…but it will keep you going and that is enough.

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