Finding Balance through Equality

There are many ways our lives intersect with the challenges that surround our existence, with issues that effect us personally and those that touch us strongly. The trouble with succeeding in creating equality lies in the assumption that not being the same means not being equal. If I look at my body, I know one side is very different then the other. I cannot possible provide for one side like I do the other. Why? Because one shoulder had an injury, one hip is tighter than the other. So does that mean I do not try and seek equality when I stretch? No. It means I treat everything with the same loving kindness and sort through the imperfections. It means I create balance in what remains. Balance takes into account the discrepancies and makes room for them. Balance honors differences not as limitations or shortcomings but as areas of inclusion and opportunity.

If I take this same attitude off the mat. If I consider how I live and how my living effects others, I may not find complete equality but I can offer balance. The balance is found when I treat ever creature I meet—friend or stranger—with the same love and understanding,with the same respect and openness.

In a world without equality, we have no chance at balance and without balance we are more than a bit askew, we are weakened. A weakened body and a weakened mind become fearful. It is this fear that causes us to act without consciousness and without reflecting our true human nature.

When we are no longer afraid to seek balance, to honor everything that is different, then we create equality, in ourselves and our world around us.

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