Self Expression through Socks

I have friends that I can count on to bring a smile to my face in the way that they offer a bit of themselves to the universe. A unique bit. I’m appreciative of the kind friend who is always reliable in speaking well of others…no bad mouthing has ever slipped over those lips. I learn from her and often fantasize that I could one day be like that. In addition to the dispositions I can count on, what I like are those friends who have created their own ways of expressing themselves which add delight to an otherwise expected way of living.

One friend always wears fun earrings, another has a fabulous array of hats, and one gives her self expression through her socks! Yes, socks. This is my friend Maryann, who in addition to wearing some special socks today will also be celebrating her birthday. I was thinking of Maryann because it was her birthday and I was thinking how much joy her wonderful socks bring to my world. It is more than just dusting off the dullness of day to day dress, it is her energetic personality and contagious smile that completes the ensemble.

So often we go through life making decisions that will go along with the status quo. Wearing the right colors to the wedding, keeping our hair just so, being considerate not to offend. All of these are good civil lines to follow. They make us considerate and respected as well as respectful. So I am not advocating that we all fling the sensible shoes for flip flops, but wouldn’t it be fun and wouldn’t it be wise to have something we call our own and something that says ‘that’s just me,’ and I do not do this to draw attention to myself but to give attention to myself. And, if you are my friend Maryann, you’d do it with fabulous socks and you’d say, “What a HOOT!”

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