Death and Taxes or Sharing Karma….

It is tax day and for many of us we have been grumbling all month getting our documents together—those bits of paper that justify to the IRS that we are relevant American citizens worthy of deductions. Regardless of what breaks we get, we all pay—even if we are getting a refund—all of us have still paid something. And certainly, we want to pull our weight and do our part for the city, county, and country. But it would be nice if we got to set the amount? Personally determine how much is our fair share?

My friend and fabulous accountant says, That would be nice, but…No! And he of course he is right. Not only because I do not want to get audited but because being a real citizen, being one that sees that validity in living in this country—with all its shortcomings—also sees that sharing the load makes me a part of a stronger community.

There are many things we can all critique…and we should. We should fight for our beliefs and we should question the actions of politicians, law makers, and even fellow citizens if we feel inequality and mismanagement. But that aside, we should—whether it be with taxes or with our ability to help others—do our fair share.

For when we share we are not proclaiming we are better than anyone else. Instead we are proving that each and every one of us are valuable.

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