49 Gratitudes

IMG_1975Forty-nine on the periodic table is the chemical element indium, a soft metal that is malleable and easily fusible. While opinions may differ on how malleable I am, I can be flexible and open to others and to new experiences. In the year ahead indium seems like a good touch stone – or metal base – to keep in mind. I am a part of the earth’s crust, but fluid enough to bend, shape, and open.

As has become my tradition, I offer my annual enumeration of gratitudes. While no number will capture all the gratefulness I hold in my heart, I smile and begin with these.

49 Gratitudes
1. To the 49th State and all the beautiful people of Sitka, Alaska
2. Good health
3. Open heart
4. Opportunity to serve
5. Gracious family of friends near and far, especially those with guest rooms
6. My brother’s healing
7. The Skookum Sitka Women: Cindy, Kristen, Lisa, Bridget, Corrie, Ella, Celia, Grace, Carolyn, Phyllis, Erin, Val, Nancy, Darcie, and so many more!
8. My Berkeley Family: Kara, Chris, and Lillie
9. Loving Kindness of the Greensboro community
10. Yoga
11. Running
12. Writing
13. Tina, Dick, Aunt Kim, and Kristen for trust and love
14. Care packages and letters…especially those laced with coffee
15. Housemate and joyful spirit of life, Angie
16. The Mamas: Heather, Sheila, Jennifer, Laura, and Angie
17. Pie and Coffee and more pie and coffee
18. Trees and my favorite tree guy, JR
19. Water
20. Laughter
21. Trusting myself
22. The immeasurable gifts of my friends
23. A move to California
24. Heather, Gaye, and Sarah…because We are Writers!
25. John O’Halloran and Julie H., and their PT acumen
26. Committed 6am yoga crew for stretching their love beyond the mat
27. Bryan YMCA
28. Being vulnerable
29. Michiko, my life’s emergency contact
30. Greg, and to his zen art of CPA guidance on life and finances
31. Tate Street Coffee community – Becky, Austin, Rachel, and the crew
32. Memory of sweet mom, Donna
33. Kiddos who touch my heart: Lillie, Adeline, Emma, Annie, Brian & Matt
34. Ryan and all he gave to me and all I carry with me
35. The publisher who will accept my next submission
36. Strong core, flexible outlook
37. Grey hair and laugh lines
38. Camping
39. Front porch in early morning with Rumi
40. Ken & Dyan, Phil & MaryMac, Lisa & Davey, and all those couples who think a fifth wheel is a better balance
41. The welcome of home
42. The loveliness of friends who share my history, especially Ann and Howie
43. Music
44. The kind folks who actually read my blogs
45. My yoga teachers and mentors, the life influencers
46. Love
47. New Adventures
48. Sweet John
49. Honest belief that this life is good


  1. Sheila Wenzel says:

    love you Ann and grateful for you all you bring to this world and my life.

  2. Jack and Helen says:

    We are grateful for you, Anne.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow (24th)…enjoy your day, and many

    more days full of adventure.

    Love…Jack and Helen

  3. Tina Kauffman says:

    Happy 49th Birthday, Dear Friend.
    I am grateful for many things in my life and you are certainly one of them at the top of the list!!!
    Be well, be happy, travel safely, and see you in California soon.
    Tina and your growing California family~~~~Dick, Aunt Kim, Kristen (soon)

  4. kristen says:

    I love this! and love you! and happy almost bday!

  5. Jean Moxley says:

    Beautiful, thoughtful and insightful as always. The best to you as you continue your journey.
    Love you Ann!

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